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Audio Solutions for Classroom Reopening Challenges

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Teacher wearing a mask taping desk

Protective masks
Social distancing
Remote teaching

These new health precautions will impact the learning environment, and make communication more difficult. The need for audible and intelligible sound in teaching has never been greater.

Lightspeed Audio Solutions - Classroom schematic

Classroom audio systems overcome these challenges, delivering the teacher’s voice clearly to every student. Lightspeed solutions are designed to:

  • Overcome masks that muffle the teacher’s voice. A teacher wearing a mask while using a Lightspeed classroom microphone simply speaks in a normal voice. Students are able to hear the teacher clearly, regardless of where they sit in the room.
  • Implement social distancing and remote learning without compromise. Students learning remotely are easily heard by classmates, while students in the classroom are clearly heard both in class and by remote learners.
  • Support teachers who must work remotely. Students in classrooms, as well as students learning remotely can hear their remotely-located teacher. Teachers can hear all of their students.
  • Work with all video conferencing solutions. Lightspeed audio systems improve the classroom experience for anyone using Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and all other video conferencing services.
  • Be easily customized and installed. Simple and flexible solutions minimize installation and training time. Each system can be configured to meet the requirements of multiple classroom and remote education scenarios.

Whether at home or in the classroom, your teachers and students can continue to engage and inspire each other with clear audio.

Scenario 1 | Classroom with Teacher Amplification Even with masks and social distancing, students will be able to clearly hear and understand their teacher with a classroom speaker system and teacher microphone.

Scenario 2 | Hybrid or Split Classroom with Teacher Amplification Both in-room and remote students will hear the teacher clearly with a classroom speaker system, teacher microphone, and media connector. Remote students can be heard in the room through the classroom speaker.

Scenario 3 | Hybrid or Split Classroom with Teacher and Student Amplification Keep students engaged with their teachers and peers with a classroom speaker system, teacher microphone, student microphones, and a media connector. Student or teacher managed options available for student amplification.

Scenario 4 | Remote Teacher with Student Amplification in the Classroom When the teacher is remote, in-room students are able to understand and engage with their teacher with a classroom speaker system, teacher-aide microphone, student microphones, and a media connector.

There’s a Lightspeed audio system for every classroom

  • Redcat Access
    Redcat Access is a portable, all-in-one system that fills the room with the teacher’s natural voice.
  • Topcat Access
    Simple to install, Topcat disappears in the ceiling with wireless connectivity to distribute high speech intelligibility and full range multimedia sound for all students to hear.
  • 955 Access + TCQ
    955 Access has all the features necessary for whole room instruction while delivering clarity and even distribution of sound of all audio, including multimedia.
    TCQ is a hybrid speaker that uses flat panel speaker technology with a low-frequency cone speaker to deliver high speech intelligibility with full-range audio for media-rich classrooms.

Components to customize your system

  • Flexmike
    Easy-to-use and comfortable teacher microphone that includes volume controls, charging cradle, and a convenient, magnetic clasp lanyard.
  • Media Connector
    This compact device serves as a hub for integrating all your classroom multimedia: computers, interactive displays, tablets, smartphones, and more.
  • T3 Flexmikes
    With a simple, tap-to-talk functionality that requires no teacher interface, T3 Flexmikes make it easy for in-room students to share so teachers and remote learners never miss word.
    Scheduled availability: August, 2020.
  • Activate Pods
    Teachers activate and manage each pod with a mobile application to enable student amplification and sharing.
  • Mobile Connector
    This Bluetooth microphone pairs with your mobile device or laptop and is compatible with a wide variety of video conferencing and recording applications to support lesson capture and live video conferencing.
  • Access Link
    Already using a Lightspeed classroom audio system? Access Link connects your existing Redcat, Topcat, or 955 solution with our new T3 Flexmikes.
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