SMART amp Collaborative Learning Software

To realize the amazing potential of personal devices in the classroom you need a long-term plan. SMART amp is more than a revolutionary collaborative platform. Created with the input of teachers from around the world, it’s born out of the pedagogical needs of today’s classrooms. Through it, you can connect a variety of devices to a single virtual workspace where students can work together and teachers can upload lesson material and conduct real-time assessments. SMART amp is included with every SMART Learning Suite license.

  • True Collaboration – With SMART amp, collaboration is more than screen sharing. It’s everyone working together in a collaborative workspace to solve problems.
  • Free-flowing lessons – Run classrooms smoothly by easily distributing files, grouping students for project work and effortlessly getting work on and off personal devices.
  • An open forum – Bring SMART Notebook­™ software files, or any third-party content, into the collaboration workspace for reference or as the basis for a project. Also works seamlessly with the Google Apps that you already use in your classroom.
  • Device independence – Everyone can connect and collaborate regardless of their device or operating system.
  • Freedom to learn – A collaborative workspace puts students at the centre of their own learning.
  • Education comes first – Designed with educators to meet the needs of today’s schools.

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