Lightspeed Activate System

Your best teachers are not lecturers or even facilitators. They are “activators.” That’s because nothing beats an engaged, passionate teacher who is directly involved in the learning process with each child, tailoring instruction based on direct feedback from students.

Engage the whole class – Teachers wear a small mic to ensure students hear, understand, and gain insights by creating excellent speech intelligibility and even distribution of sound.

Activate group learning – Pods placed in small groups provide teachers insights to student needs in real-time, while providing students the autonomy that encourages collaborative learning.

Collaborate and share ideas – Capture video and audio for evidence of learning and teacher coaching. It’s easy for teachers to record lessons and share techniques with peers.

Key Product Highlights:

  • Monitor group conversations without changing the group dynamic.
  • Increase opportunities for direct instruction by delivering the right support at the right time to each group through real-time insights gained by quietly listening to group work.
  • Facilitate student/group sharing with the whole class through a pod that acts as a mic.
  • Address the whole class through a low volume, highly intelligible, wide dispersion speaker – ensuring all students can hear every word.
  • Reliable – 5 year warranty

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